Journey So Far

I'm Tim Langley, a recruiter specializing in 1099 Locum Anesthesia. I am dedicated to supporting anesthesia professionals by helping them obtain flexible solutions for a more rewarding path. If you've found your way here, you likely know me or someone in my circle. If not, welcome! Feel free to sign up for job alerts and get in touch—I'd love to connect!

Anesthesia Recruiter
A group of doctors performing an operation.

Career Insights

Before focusing on a career in recruiting, I  served as a Disability Examiner and later as a Legal Administrative Specialist. These roles gave me valuable insights into healthcare complexities and their impact on patient care and families. I worked diligently to ease the financial burden on the patients, while increasing revenue for both the medical staff and the facility.

Understanding the Challenges

As a Senior Clinical Recruiter, I use my experience from a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals, clinicians, and healthcare facilities.

A person wearing surgical cap and mask.
Medical equipment in a hospital.

Sourcing Top Talent

As a recruiter, I focus solely on sourcing Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and CAAs. I meticulously maintain job postings to ensure they are current and accurate, providing candidates with the best opportunities in the field of anesthesia.

Tailored Opportunities

Your skills are in high demand, and I am dedicated to finding opportunities that meet your needs. I work with healthcare organizations nationwide to provide tailored opportunities that prioritize your career goals and aspirations. Let's work together to find your ideal role in anesthesia! Even if you don't register, please feel free to reach out by hitting the contact button below - I would love to hear from you!